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Belts and Hoses Replacement in Santa Rosa, CA

The belts and hoses in a vehicle are components that are subject to wear and tear, and their condition should be regularly inspected. That is because their functions must not be underestimated - the timing belt, for example, is responsible for synchronizing the opening and closing of valves and is, consequently, of vital importance for the smooth operation of your vehicle’s engine. If it snaps, it could inflict serious damage on the latter, making you pay dearly for your negligence. Hoses, on the other hand, conduct various lubrication and hydraulic fluids, and their damage will result in leaks which could prove fatal for the whole engine or could cause a major safety issue (as with brake hoses, for example).

Here at Larsen Auto Care in Santa Rosa, CA, we have a capable team of auto technicians that can do any belt and hose work you can think of. Whether you need a timing belt replacement or some A/C hose rebuild work, we are the people to do it. Using the most up-to-date tools and equipment in the automotive industry, our ASE Certified specialists have performed auto repair and maintenance services on almost all makes and models of vehicles.

While you are waiting for your car to be repaired, you can enjoy the comfort of our clean waiting area. There we provide free coffee, tea, and Wi-Fi. If you are busy and cannot wait at the repair shop, we can provide you with a loaner vehicle, or you can take advantage of our pick-up and drop-off service.

If you need fast and professional belts and hoses repair and replacement in Santa Rosa or the area, consider visiting Larsen Auto Care! Our service bays can be found at 940 Petaluma Hill Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95404. You can schedule an appointment in advance by calling us or by scheduling one via our online appointment form.

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