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Top 10 Care Tips K.B.B.

Top 10 Care Tips K.B.B.

Top 10 Car Care Tips   By Rick Kranz  K.B.B.   We have all heard these stories, cars and trucks lasting 200,000, 300,000, even 500,000 miles. What’s the secret? Three words: maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. “Nobody reads the owner’s manual. Pretty much to make it run that far it’s fluids, timing belts, maintenance by the book,” said Jim Moritz, global technical trainer for an international automotive tool and equipment manufacturing company. These vehicle owners adhere to every word recommended by the automaker, for them it is a religion. In many cases, they are changing engine oil, transmission and brake fluids more frequently than required. They read that manual from cover to cover. “I know guys who are getting 300,000 miles out of a F-Series pickup and 400,000 miles from a Hyundai Sonata,” he said. “The ... read more

Do New Cars Need Tune-Ups?

GDi engines are an amazing feat of engineering, they are powerful, fuel efficient, and if cared for properly durable. The direct inject gasoline engine differs from previous fuel injected engines in that the injectors are located in the combustion chamber (much like a diesel). Much like a diesel, direct injection works under extremely high fuel pressure. The downfall to direct injection is the are highly prone to carbon buildup, injector tips can become covered in carbon inhibiting their ability to transfer fuel to the combustion chamber, as well intake valves can build up carbon which can reduce compression, and restrict airflow, all this translates to decreased fuel economy, power and in long term durability. Sadly most consumers are not educated on how to maintain a direct inject engine. We at 5-Star Lexington carry the products to care for your GDi engine

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