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What Does this Light Mean KBB

What Does This Light Mean?

You're probably familiar with the “Low Fuel” or “Check Oil” lights on your dashboard. But new technologies bring with them new and often confusing warning lights. Here are a few you might need some help deciphering.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Warning Light

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

This light means you may have an issue with one or more of your tires – the air pressure is too low, too high or you have a slow leak or flat.

Fog Lights Are On Warning Light

Fog Lights Are On

In addition to headlights, some cars have separate fog lights or daytime running lights. This tells you those lights are on.

Lane-Keeping Assist Warning Light

Lane-Keeping Assist

This isn’t a warning light. It means that your car has a lane-keeping assist, and the system is working to keep you in your lane and not drifting from side to side.

Automatic Shift Lock Warning Light

Automatic Shift Lock

This one is more complicated. It means that you need to step on the brake before starting the car or shifting into Drive. Until you get the hang of what to do, this can be frustrating for people not used to it.

Traction Control Warning Light

Traction Control

Traction Control, when engaged (and the light is on), helps keep your wheels from spinning on slick surfaces or during initial acceleration. On some cars, however, a light can also indicate an issue, so it helps to know which is which in advance.

ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) Warning Light

ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) Warning

This light means there’s an issue with your anti-lock brakes. It could come on for a variety of reasons, from a faulty speed sensor to low brake fluid to total brake failure. Better get it checked out!

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